Contributing Procedure#

  1. Browse issues at ahuang11/ahlive#issues, or submit a new one.

  2. Select the one that interests you.

  3. (Optional) Install Python executable if you don’t already have; example for Linux.:

    $ wget
    $ bash -b
    $ source ~/.bashrc
  4. (Optional) Create a virtual environment for ahlive.:

    $ conda create python=3.9 -n ahlive_dev
    $ conda activate ahlive_dev
  5. Clone ahlive locally.:

    $ git clone
  6. Install ahlive and its dependencies.:

    $ cd ahlive
    $ pip install -e .
    $ conda env update ci/environment_ci.yml
    $ pre-commit install
  7. Make changes to the code for fixing the issue.

  8. Commit your changes and push.:

    $ git checkout -b "name_of_branch"
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "your message here"
    $ git push origin "name_of_branch"
  9. In the pull request text, please provide a link to the GitHub issue.

  10. Wait for tests to pass and a code review if needed.

  11. Merged! Thank you for your contribution!