v1.0.0 (?)

new features

  • Added two new merge functions: slide and stagger. Also, implemented merge methods and refactored the merge functions internally (GH#56). By Andrew Huang

  • Add ascending configuration to race preset (GH#58). By Andrew Huang

  • Add tiles, zoom, and allow passing + cartopy.feature instances to geographic params (GH#62). By Andrew Huang

  • Add morph preset (GH#76). By Andrew Huang

  • Refactored bar and barh charts, removing series as a preset, but using it as the default, and added stacked, morph, and morph_stacked presets for bar charts. (GH#80). By Andrew Huang

  • Added morph_trail and updated internals (GH#86). By Andrew Huang

  • state_labels can now be appended/prepended to title labels and documented prefix/suffix/units/replacements (GH#90). By Andrew Huang

  • Added support for pie charts (GH#97). By Andrew Huang


  • Tidy up documentation and fix a bug in Overview regarding s=0 (GH#46). By Andrew Huang

  • Fix documentation bugs by adding pooch for xr.tutorial and add missing documentation from PR 56 (GH#57). By Andrew Huang

  • Fix documentation bugs by unpinning cartopy=0.18.0 and adding a default for tiles_kwds.pop(“zoom”) (GH#63). By Andrew Huang

  • Fix documentation crashes (GH#65). By Andrew Huang

  • Re-order params by setting precedence`s (:pull:`70). By Andrew Huang

  • Documented presets and defaults (GH#91). By Andrew Huang


  • invert is now more polished and documented, accepting label, group, and state_labels. (GH#44). By Andrew Huang

  • Cast labels input to str. (GH#60). By Andrew Huang

  • Default coastline only if crs or projection is set, but not any other geo features (GH#67). By Andrew Huang

  • Improve print of objects by showing modified configurations (:pull: 92). By Andrew Huang

  • Remove temp file (:pull: 96). By Andrew Huang

bug fixes

  • Fixed error when rendering ah.Dataset with ah.DataFrame and non-numeric columns in tutorial (GH#54). By Andrew Huang

  • Fixed bug with ah.Array2D when input arrays only had two dimensions (GH#58).

  • Loosen restrictions on inline_locs in reference method when both x0s and y0s are passed (GH#66). By Andrew Huang

  • Various bug fixes, primarily with simultaneous usage of c and color plus preset=trail (GH#75). By Andrew Huang

  • Move _config_chart before _precompute_base to fix automated preset text format (GH#76). By Andrew Huang

  • Fix various issues: formatting, ease of use, use of group instead of label for morph preset, negative bar values, compressing vars, bar width, refactor of remarks, and interpolation of bar labels. (GH#77). By Andrew Huang

  • Fix remark bugs and lower memory consumption in docs. (GH#78) By Andrew Huang

  • Fix use of reference and remark with bar morph. (GH#79) By Andrew Huang

  • Do not require cartopy to be installed to use. (GH#93) By Andrew Huang

  • Fix bar charts for 1 item. (GH#94) By Andrew Huang

  • Fix grid charts, removing warnings and updating to valid keys. (GH#95) By Andrew Huang

internal changes

v0.0.3 (15 February 2021)


bug fixes

v0.0.2 (14 February 2021)

new features

  • progress is added to allow ability to toggle showing of progress bar. (GH#30) By Andrew Huang


internal changes

  • Default of show replaced from True to None for non-IPython users. (GH#28). By Andrew Huang

bug fixes

  • Replaced internal util.is_subdtype with pandas.api.types to make type checking more robust across numpy versions (GH#25). By Andrew Huang


v0.0.1 (10 February 2021)

  • Initial release!